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Luitpold-Gymnasium of Munich, Germany, a secondary school („Grammar school“) of nearly 1,000 female and male students (grades 5-12, i.e. ages 10-18), is interested in establishing partnerships with English speaking schools for student exchanges.

We are open to explore different formats of student exchanges e.g.

  • informal contacts between families of both schools possibly including privately organized visits,
  • exchanges between certain (tutor-) groups of both schools organized by the schools
  • or other formats.

If you are interested in discussing possible options with us, please don’t hesitate to contact the parents’ council of Luitpold-Gymnasium. Mr Matthias Altmann of the parents’ council will be your contact for phone calls or mails at this stage:

Contact: Matthias Altmann, Parents’ Council, Luitpold-Gymnasium, Munich, Germany; Phone: +49 89 44770565; Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

The parents’ council of Luitpold-Gymnasium is a legally established institution of each school in Bavaria. The parents’ council and the Head Teacher of Luitpold-Gymnasium are working closely together in this matter.

Luitpold-Gymnasium (LPG) is a Bavarian Gymnasium (“grammar school”) leading students to the “Abitur”, i.e. the permission to enter a university. LPG offers students to specialize in natural sciences or languages. The first foreign language is English, which is compulsory for all students starting in the 5th grade. Second languages are either French or Latin, additional languages are Italian or Spanish. LPG also features strong musical activities of compulsory or voluntary nature, including a school orchestra and a big band, and a close collaboration with a choir. In sports, LPG is particularly strong in (indoor) climbing.

Students attend school in the morning and partly in the afternoon, depending on grade. Students have the option to stay at school in the afternoon doing their homework with a parents’ organization closely co-operating with the school.

LPG was established by the Bavarian Prinzregent („Prince Regent“) Luitpold in 1881. Since 1908, students have been able to obtain the permission to enter a university at the end of their school life. Already at that time, LPG was focused on modern languages and natural sciences. LPG has developed considerably over the more than 100 years of its existence: After the second world war, it has changed location within Munich to a central location neighbouring the Englischer Garten (see below), and since 1983, girls have been allowed to visit LPG.

More information is available on the LPG website at as well as on the website of LPG’s parents’ council at (both in German language; a link to automatic translation by Google is provided).

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. It has 1.3 million inhabitants, and is an important cultural, sports, recreational and business centre. A large number of museums are available in Munich, some of them world-famous, including the German Museum (“Deutsches Museum”, an engineering museum), Alte/Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne featuring arts over several centuries. A number of castles and churches are worth visiting, too. In winter, Munich features various Christmas markets, in autumn there is the famous Oktoberfest. World-class cultural events take place frequently in Munich, including theatre/dance/opera and literature as well as concerts and music festivals from classical to rock&pop and beyond. And: Nightlife, shopping, events, sightseeing, what have you…

The close-by Alps and a number of lakes around Munich are an attraction both in summer for hiking and in winter for skiing and snowboarding. And the world-famous English Garden (“Englischer Garten”) in the heart of Munich is the seventh largest urban park world-wide. Our football club FC Bayern München is one of the most successful clubs in history.

For more information visit

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